Simply put, juicing is the act of creating and drinking freshly squeezed juices and smoothies from a variety of fruit and vegetables. Generally, there are differences between juices and smoothies, but in my opinion they are both healthy and central to the concept of juicing, so I choose to write about them collectively. Each of them has their own benefits, but for the most part their uses are very similar.

The idea behind juicing – drinking freshly squeezed juices – is to allow you to easily and quickly obtain and absorb all the necessary nutrients to allow your body to be charged with energy. Every cell inside will be able to get valuable and beneficial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and be able to clean and heal itself by way of fast nutrient absorption through juicing.

In our busy lives, we often ignore healthy (fresh and raw) foods and mostly eat processed foods with suspicious contents. Thus, we fail to deliver the necessary nutrients to our body. As a result, we often experience fatigue, irritation, headaches and stomach aches, and have difficulty sleeping. In addition, we may be constantly hungry.

For instance, consuming a croissant, or wafer satisfies your hunger for a little while. At first, your body is satisfied because you stuffed yourself with heavy foods. But while processing this food, your body starts looking for the necessary nutrients that are needed for proper functioning, and in the end, it turns out that what you have consumed does not provide you anything valuable. At a cellular level your body is still hungry for valuable nutrients and starts sending you hunger signals again. In addition, it accompanies those hunger signals with other signals: headaches, fatigue, lack of energy, irritation, etc.

Here is when juicing come in handy – it offers you an opportunity to consume liquid food, charged with ample amounts of nutrients, and satisfy each and every one of your body-cells.


Why would we eat nutrients in liquid form? Why don’t we just eat an apple or a carrot?

Due to the use of many pesticides, modified seeds, and other bad production practices, our soils are very exhausted. This leads to a reduction of the vitamins and minerals we get from the fruit and vegetables. The nutrients that we get from eating an apple today are much less than those that we would have received from the same apple 20 years ago. Drinking fresh juices offers us a way to compensate for this; it gives us a more efficient way to get the necessary nutrients for our bodies.

Having a combination of spinach, raw zucchini, celery, cucumber, broccoli, apples, lemon and some ginger for breakfast separately is hard to imagine. It won’t taste delicious either.

This is where juicing comes in. Juicing allows us to combine all those elements into something tastier, while still getting the nutrients we need.  There is no need to consume tons of fruit and vegetables to receive all the nutrients – it is much easier to get these in a liquid form. Besides, I am sure many of you are not big fans of eating raw vegetables; it is much easier to juice everything together.

Drinking a freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie is a very simple and easy way to get out of that vicious cycle of consuming non-healthy foods, to refresh, and give your body the nutrients it needs. When your body consumes food in a liquid form, it absorbs it much more easily; the stomach is not hindered and the free energy is then able to be used for healing and rejuvenation of the body.

A great way to include drinking fresh juices and smoothies in your everyday life is to substitute your breakfast with a smoothie, for instance. In this way, your body will wake itself up in a much more easily by receiving all the necessary nutrients quickly through liquid. You will feel fresh and ready for the day.

Juicing is also an excellent way to maintain weight regulation and improve overall health. When your body receives what it needs, it starts healing and rejuvenating itself. When you give yourself the right nutrients, your body will respond in the best way possible by rewarding you with tons of energy, healthier sleep, clear skin, and stomach-aches and headaches becoming a thing of the past! You are going to shine!


*Disclaimer – All the information that I share with you is based on personal experience, research, and observations, or it is taken from a site or a book mentioned below. I am not a specialist, nutritionist or a health professional. is not intended to provide medical advice. Before you start a program or a diet, please consult a doctor or a nutritionist.

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