In the world of weight loss, there is a never-ending amount of information out there. You could literally search for days without a problem on how to lose weight, the best foods to eat to lose weight, the top exercises to burn calories, and the highest rated supplements to make weight loss easier.

Chances are, you’ve been victim to this information overload. Whether you read books, magazines, or online websites, you know all too well that the information is endless.

What’s worse is that much of the information you read may conflict with itself. One source will tell you ‘X’ and the other, says that’s right, it’s ‘Y’ that you need to follow.

This leaves you overwhelmed, frustrated, and quite possibly, like giving up entirely.

Amongst all this noise, it’s important to remember that there are some basic truths out there that will stand the test of time. These truths have been scientifically proven and are well-known to get results.

Likewise, there are some pretty big myths out there as well. Again, these myths have been proven wrong, but yet, people fall for them time and time again.

It’s high time that you figured out these myths and made sure they aren’t costing you the potential success that you want to see.

Let’s go over five of those weight loss lies that you might be believing right now so you can finally put these notions to rest.


Weight Loss Lie #1: Eating Before Bed Leads To Weight Gain

young woman eating cake under cover on white background

young woman eating cake under cover on white background

This is an oldie, but a goodie. You’ve heard the notion before that eating before bed leads to weight gain.

It’s not eating food that leads to weight gain, it’s eating too many calories. If you don’t account for the calories that you eat before bed, yes, you will be gaining weight. It’s not because of the time you ate those calories, but rather, because you simply ate too many of them.

What’s more is that you need to consider the types of foods most people eat before bed. They eat ice cream, potato chips, soda, and many other choices that are anything but healthy.

If you eat these types of foods at any time during the day, it’s not going to be ideal for reaching your weight loss goals.

On the flip side, if you plan for a healthy snack before bed and account for it in your total daily calorie intake, you will certainly not gain fat from it. In fact, it may help you lose weight faster because you won’t be going to bed starving.

With this myth, it’s more about what you are eating and how much that leads to fat gain.


Weight Loss Lie #2: Fasted Exercise Burns More Fat


Yet another myth that circulates around quite often is the myth that fasted exercise burns more fat. You know the one – empty stomach cardio.

How many times have you woken yourself up at the wee hours of the morning before work only to climb onto the cardio machines to try and burn fat faster?

Too many to count?

If you have, you know all too well, this isn’t the most pleasant experience. You’re tired, you don’t have energy from the lack of food, and the last thing you want to be doing is exercise.

Here’s the thing. While exercising on an empty stomach may have you burning more calories from fat itself, chances are, because you are fatigued and are not exercising as hard, you won’t burn as many calories overall.

So your overall calorie burn will be less than if you had exercised later on in the day after eating a good meal.

And, at the end of the day, it’s your overall calorie burn that dictates fat loss results.

So if you want to see maximum results, eat that snack before you exercise and then give 110%. You’ll boost your metabolism more and you won’t be as at risk of losing muscle mass either.


Weight Loss Lie #3: All Carb Are To Be Avoided


This myth really needs to die. Carbs are not the evil you might be making them out to be. Sure, some carbs – white bread, cookies, cakes, and so forth are carbs that you definitely don’t need.

But fruits and vegetables? Consider them a mandatory part of your diet plan. On top of that, many whole grains like brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, and barley are all excellent sources of complex carbohydrates that can fuel your workout sessions and help keep your metabolic rate humming along.

Very low carb diets only work in the short term. Over the long term, they cause your body to crash, leaving you with a sluggish metabolism and no energy at all.



Weight Loss Lie #4: You Can Exercise Away A Bad Diet

Here’s another notion that some people subscribe to – usually those who hate dieting. They believe that as long as they exercise, they don’t need to watch what they eat.


Trust me, nothing is further from the truth

Here’s the facts: It will take you around 60 minutes to burn off 400-600 calories, depending on how hard you exercise.

You can consume that same 400-600 calories in about five minutes if you make a poor food choice and eat something like a fast food burger, cheesecake, or a small order of French fries.

Imagine if you make three or four poor food choices per day. Do you really have three to four hours to exercise every day to make up for it?

‘Didn’t think so.

While I would consider exercise technically optional when trying to lose weight (but highly recommended!) watching your food intake is not. You must watch what you eat to see results.



Weight Loss Lie #5: Results Are Linear


Finally, the last weight loss lie you need to be on the lookout for is the lie that results will be linear.

Some diets have you believing that you can lose 6 pounds every month for as long as you stick with the diet plan. This isn’t the case. Weight loss is never linear. Some weeks, you’ll lose more weigh than others.

This all comes down to the fact that your body is constantly changing and as such, so will your results be.

Some weeks, you may only lose half a pound or so. This doesn’t mean you are failing. It just means that you need to adapt your diet or exercise routine slightly to speed things up a gain.

Consider it all part of the game.

Those who go in with these unrealistic expectations that each and every week they will lose ‘x’ number of pounds are only setting themselves up for disappointment.

So there you have five of the top weight loss myths that tend to circulate around. How many of these were you falling for? Do you see yourself in any of the above stated myths?

If so, it might just be time to change some of your views around so that you can get on track to seeing better results.