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Resources to help you get rid of the extra weight, reboot your health and boost your confidence!

  • How to prepare for the detox plan and why preparation is very important
  • What happens when the body is cleansing itself, and how you can help the process
  • 8 ways to speed up the detoxification process
  • Delicious Smoothie Recipes For Breakfast
  • Easy to Make Vegan and Veggie Salad Recipes For Lunch & Dinner
  • Hot and Cold Five Minute Soup Recipes For Lunch & Dinner
  • Printable 5-day Purchase List for Your Detox
  • Printable Daily Meal Plans (5 Days Included)
  • Which Foods to Eat When You Are Having Cravings
  • The 4 best foods to eat before bed
  • How you can lose weight and still be eating carbs
  • How to master the hormones responsible for appetite and weight loss for good

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